Longevity In A Disposable World

Our global economy has flooded the market with inexpensive consumer electronic goods which are ubiquitous to the point of being disposable. While the availability of high technology is of great benefit to many, the uninspired design and shoddy construction that are too often representative of consumer goods also has the consequence of producing a uniquely post-modern consumer fatigue.

This is the weariness of being surrounded by cheap, unimaginitive devices, cloned en masse in some farflung, soulless factory. The modern connoisseur still longs for the memory of a bygone era when products were handcrafted and built to last, and Sonicweld products are built in this spirit and tradition of craftsmanship. Their every detail is indicative of a type of quality rarely seen in today’s world of imitation, facade, and fakery.

In contrast to the widespread practice of global outsourcing (or even rebranding products designed and made entirely overseas), all Sonicweld products are entirely designed, machined, and assembled in Utah, USA.